puteus-gruyter-gruppe 03
puteus GmbH in Tönisvorst
puteus-gruyter-gruppe 02
Schlösser Armaturen GmbH & Co. KG in Olpe
puteus-gruyter-gruppe 01
Heinrich Schulte GmbH & Co. KG in Iserlohn
puteus-gruyter-gruppe 04
Heinrich Schulte GmbH & Co. KG in Iserlohn

The development of the company puteus GmbH and the de Gruyter-Stach Group continues steadily. In recent years, there have been numerous expansions and new buildings, especially at the sister companies in Olpe and Iserlohn. The following is some current data on the group of companies:

Since 2004, acquisition and purchase of various production facilities and buildings:

  • Licenses and production lines for the production of angle valves of the company Sanitaps s.r.l.,
  • Manufacturing lines for the production of appliance connection fittings
  • Building, land and cpl. production facilities of G.T.S. Galvanotechnik GmbH
  • Restoration and modernisation of the electroplating facilities with new waste water and exhaust air systems to the latest state of the art in terms of safety and environmental protection
  • Purchase of another industrial site in Iserlohn with buildings: approx. 11,500 m² office, production and storage space
  • Commissioning of the company's own combined heat and power plant
  • Takeover of the production facilities of ATG GmbH and relocation to the Iserlohn site (production of union nuts)
  • Purchase of a state-of-the-art Hatebur press and automatic lathes for the production and thread machining of nuts and fittings
  • New construction of office/training buildings as well as production and storage halls at the Olpe site
  • Purchase of a press plant in Belgium (asset deal) with
    • 2 high-performance screw presses
    • 1  650-ton press
    • 1  500-tonne press
    • 2  300-ton presses, each with associated tooling and equipment

Manufacturing at the locations in Germany with:

  • 10 casting furnaces
  • More than 50 robotic systems
  • More than 20 CNC machining centres
  • Multiple powder coating lines
  • Multiple state-of-the-art electroplating lines, hand electroplating
  • Robot controlled grinding equipment
  • Own toolmaking
  • and much more

De Gruyter/Stach Group:

  • Annual turnover approx. 70 m EUR
  • 250 employees
  • Manufacturing area:  > 48,000 m²;   Office/exhibition/training rooms:  > 6,000 m²
  • Investment volume since 2010:  > 40 million EUR
  • Equity: puteus GmbH 4.5 m EUR; entire group:  17.5 m EUR

At the Tönisvorst site:

  • Annual turnover: approx. 19 million EUR
  • 25 employees
  • In-house design and worldwide manufacturing with own quality assurance on site
  • More than 13,000 pallet spaces in  a modern high-bay warehouse (16m), an order-picking hall as well as a closed outdoor hall.
  • Modern conveyor technology, pallet conveyor system, EDP-controlled warehousing, automatic packaging system.

Quality awareness -puteus GmbH-:

  • DIN EN ISO 9001 and  14001:2015- Certifications:  Quality and environmental management as well as compliance with nickel and material values in the manufacturing process of brass valves and fittings according to the Drinking Water Ordinance/ UBA Positive List
  • Various DVGW approvals
  • PA approvals (noise class tests)
  • ACS approvals
  • Own test facilities: e.g. for material analyses, pressure and leakage test facilities
  • Implementation of the Drinking Water Ordinance / UBA positive list already for several years for all water-bearing brass components in the drinking water sector
  • Seals in connections carrying drinking water with KTW/ W270 approval as standard

In Olpe  the sister company  Schlösser Armaturen today produces sanitary and shut-off valves as well as water meters and components for building services on an area of approx. 25,000 m² . In the last 8 years, around 22 million euros have been invested in the Olpe site. The production and storage area has been almost tripled, and a new, spacious office building with modern meeting rooms has also been built.

In Iserlohn, at the headquarters of the sister company Heinrich Schulte, high-quality bathroom and kitchen fittings have been manufactured since 1921. Since the takeover in 2004, this company has also been greatly expanded. Today, a total of more than 40,000 m² of property, warehouse, production and office space is available at the Grünlandweg and Giesestraße sites.